Recording & Mixing


We are dedicated to turning your tracks into the best possible mix. From the moment we set up the mics on stage or in the studio to the last finishing touches in automation, we strive to find and perfect your signature sound.

We record musicians on the road, during a live show, or at the location of the artists' choosing – or in the studio. Our mixing studio in Odenton can accommodate a solo or a duo act for recording, but we also have access to larger professional studios in Annapolis and Phoenix, MD.

We mix in ProTools HD or DP and rely both on plug-ins and hardware equipment, including Universal Audio's 7616 tube mic preamp and 1176 solid state compressor; Anthony Demaria's ADL 1500; API 2500 bus compressor; and Dangerous Music 2 Bus+ and D-Box - for monitoring and summing in analogue.

We use top-shelf studio microphones from Neumann, DP, Josephson, Coles, Peluso, and others, and always strive to pair them with best preamps, including Universal Audio, Sebatron, and Anthony DeMaria.

Monitoring is done via Focal Twin6 Be and MAudio Bx5a powered speakers.